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"Where Earth Meets Sky"

This work explores the lingering presence of the spirit right before it enters the body or right after it leaves it.  Some believe that the body is but a home in which the spirit chooses to reside. How can that spirit be described when it is separate from that home?  These pieces visualize the palpable presence of the spirit in various states of transition.  In “Buried” and “Unearthed”, one spirit lies in wait for the right moment to root itself to this earth while the other finds comfort in a place it always knew it should be.  “Blanketed By Your Glow” talks about the warming presence that can at times be perceived as real and all encompassing yet not concrete in any way.  All of these works use a low-quality, desaturated aesthetic to call reference to the beautiful yet haunting quality of the subject matter, somewhat reminiscent of the mysterious awe of an ultrasound.  Clouds, roots, and earth meet to form symbols that address the intangible and  the tangible, the corporeal and the ethereal, the body and the soul.  


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