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The figures in this series are on the edge of uncertainty. Some look forwards and  some look inwards but all are on the verge of a tipping point of some kind. At times the figures are set to action while in other images they take a more contemplative stance. Each time we are frozen in this moment of change, waiting and wondering what will come next or what happened before. Locked in a somewhat unstable stance - on the verge.

These photographs have been taken and arranged as to invite the viewer to step into the scene.  The somewhat surreal landscapes creating a dream-like state, asking the viewer to suspend reality, if just for a moment, and enter into the ether that is the mind and soul.  The digital transfer method takes the photographs out of their pristine state and again moves them into a more personal realm.  Together the process and the picture create a meditative experience that settles one into not the beginning or the end, but instead somewhere into the space between.



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