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"The Mandala Project"

I set out to do the Mandala Project towards the last days of Winter, leading up to Spring. Craving sun, warmth, and balance it just felt right to make a daily Nature Connection that intertwined with creating. For me these Mandalas honored in a small, very authentic, way my (our) ability to use the outdoors and art as grounding devices. And at the same time that we are grounded we lift up into the universe a part of ourselves, resulting in so much more than the simple arrangement of natural materials that I pulled together into circles time and time again. 

Spring has arrived and I created Mandalas for 23 days through the shifting weather and manic moods of late Ohio Winter. Sometimes I created more elaborate arrangements, some paired down, some with my kids, many alone, some with only minutes to spare, others built up over time. All meant something and this practice of daily creation became a force that fueled me in unexpected ways. 

Although the changing of seasons may no longer be the drive, this will be an ongoing project...


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