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Disrupting the Constants

I've been working with suns and moons, gold and silver, cycles, seemingly constant until they are not.

Recently something came across my radar called the Saturn Return. Have you heard of this? If you are into astrology you may or may not be impressed with my new discovery. But I'm just learning about my Natal Chart and a lot of the cycles that pull on us from afar. I've always been interested in the universal connections but never got much past my sun sign until now.

Apparently every 28-29 years Saturn returns to the position it was in the sky at the time of your birth. At which time, upheaval ensues. Why? Because Saturn is like the teacher of the planets. And all that Karma you've built up over the previous 28-29 years, comes boomeranging back. Lessons learned.

From a quantum physics perspective we are all just energy anyways right? Made of start dust. So it shouldn't surprise us to realize that the planets affect out energy. Lunar cycles. Solar Cycles. Planetary cycles. And the list goes on and on.

When I hear the word "cycle" I think of something that can be counted on again and again without fail. What happens when those cycles are disrupted? Many of us have experienced these constants falling to their knees over the past year. While it can feel totally disorienting at the time to experience this, is this just a normal break in pattern? A disruption of constants that manifests in different ways but with a consistency all it's own throughout time? We've been hearing a lot about the once in a century diseases that descend upon humanity like clockwork. But are these convenient patterns extrapolated from a much larger timeline just to make us feel better? Bringing normalcy to disruption? I don't know the answer.

But...I find the idea of cycles and the disruption there-of very appealing right now. Counting on something (like the patterns of day and night) and waking up to realize that it's not always going to be that way forever and every amen. That would be something.

Bringing that notion back to a very macro level - personal lives - we've been pulled out of our own constants pretty abruptly during this virus. Some on levels that I can't even fathom. But when we zoom back out - way out - to the universe at large - the patterns or break within them bring fascinating insights, do they not?

The pattern I created above with the gold and silver is echoed in the charcoal imprint on the sketchbook page mirroring it. I like the imprint or impression of what was, the memory or skeleton perhaps, being present it's own right. Taking away the color and reflection, that carries so much weight, the black and white version seems to have an almost emptiness about it. But within that space, more room to see.

I'm hoping the energy patterns that exist within the unexpected chaos, find a way of giving us a clearer picture in hindsight.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep investigating this topic to see where else it takes me. Constant Disruption / Disrupting the Constants.

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