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Celebrating During a Crisis

I could dig a hole right now and stick my head in it, like our dear friend the ostrich OR I can choose to look through my rose colored glasses OR I can proclaim the perceived idiocy of a whole host of people I run across or read about. Hmmm...None of these options sound particularly productive.

I've come to the conclusion that my reaction to this crisis needs to be filled with some form of celebration. I'm not talking the over the top party type. But a simple celebration of life itself.

What kind of growth have you noticed within yourself or your family or the world at large over the last five months?

I feel like a lot of curtains have been drawn both on our history books and the present day shaky systems and structures that we believed to be supporting us. The curtains may have been thin to begin with but now that the wind is blowing so hard it's all being revealed. May not be pretty but it's the only way to even begin confronting and traveling the long road to fixing the problems. Along with feeling all the feelings and meditating on those pretty hard core - We should celebrate this!

So how's family life been going? Sure some of us have been, a) ignoring the pandemic and social responsibilities and living life as usual or have been, b) brave souls stuck in four walls alone, or c)empty nesters / single couples kind of getting bored and maybe watching too much Netflix while supporting all the local small businesses for take-out. But some of us have been in camp d) parenting in a pandemic while staying within a bubble and social distancing the heck out of everyone.

I'm talking to camp D because that is the camp I am in. And if I'm celebrating I'm certainly not addressing camp A or my happiness would turn to extreme frustration in a heartbeat - enter meditation and deep breathing on repeat. So....what is there to celebrate while home with the kiddos with no end in sight? I've come to realize through nightly gratitude journal entries - A LOT.

Let's celebrate the little things. No more fighting to get out the door at a certain time every morning. Yes! For introverts such as myself, no more feeling guilty when we spend the whole week just hanging out and not making plans with anyone. (We miss people, we truly do, but sometimes not having to meet people at certain times and places can be a relief and I'm choosing to focus on that right now). My husband working from home - means we can roll into outdoor family micro- adventures with a lot less stress. My kids (ages five and seven) have been stuck playing with only each other for so long now that they've actually had more moments recently (sound the heavenly music here) where they are overheard talking out their differences. Now insert a moment of silence and knock on all the wood you can find, thanks. THIS ALONE is worth all the celebration my friends.

Have you fallen into a no routine lifestyle during all of this? Or have you become super structured to combat the lack of "normal"? We've taken a middle ground. I've set up a list of daily goals on a dry erase chart that my kids are happily following along with right now in order to gain their daily allowance. These goals include basics like getting dressed in the morning without fighting about it (yes this is the where we are at - they get paid to get dressed - don't judge). But there are also other goals such as practicing math and reading every day OR preparing their own bedtime snacks, that are truly fueling my feel good energy over here. Celebrate independence and growth! (while secretly mourning and scrolling through their cute chubby baby pictures).

Then that leaves me. What am I personally celebrating? I have finally found a meditation routine that works for me. Yay! One that I can practice on a nightly basis, that I crave. It began in a straight jacket kinda way to combat anxiety but has evolved into a long warm hug. I am realizing that all the work I've put into self care prior to this pandemic is paying off in dividends now. Do the work people. Confront yourself. It matters for everyone but as a mom I have two mirrors that follow me around everywhere. I like my reflection right now. I've got this. That feels really really good. Let's Celebrate mom not crumbling under this enormous pressure - let's celebrate me rising to the occasion. Seriously, if that's not a WIN I don't know what is.

In conclusion, my ultimate recipe for CELEBRATING (aka thriving) during an extended CRISIS is:

GROUND YOURSELF (for me this is creating /nature / good food / ) + SHOW UP (for yourself and others) + EBB and FLOW (aka surrender to reality, let go of what is no longer serving you) + SELF-COMPASSION (you are doing better than you think! I have to remind myself of this daily. It's true though. Find that inner strength and be kind to yourself.).

This last one, self-compassion. Imagine if we all walked that road I mentioned - the one that is revealed only when all our problems are also exposed. Imagine if we walked it with compassion? What a beautiful road that would be.

We all need a little CELEBRATION right now - to ground us in the good that we will use to pave our way. Please drop me a comment - what is good for you right now? Let's raise our collective vibration shall we?

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