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Can You Read Me?

Hello? This is the Universe speaking. Can you read me?

Me: Loud and Clear.

I have always had this push and pull relationship with animals. It's quite comical, really. I don't know what to do with animals first hand. I don't own any pets and I'm quite skittish when it comes to getting close to most animals. But they fascinate me nonetheless. Especially, the wild ones.

I am definitely in-tune with Spirit Animals. My messengers come to me when I least expect them but when I most need them. It is pretty surreal when it happens and always leaves me feeling like something just clicked into place.

Right now we are all united in chaos and uncertainty. And the troops are getting restless. As a mom of little ones, I try to strike a balance between work and play for them every day. And part of that play is always outside. We are social distancing and following the "rules" but I get a little stir crazy if we don't stretch outside the yard at least a couple times a week.

Above is a picture from one of our ventures outside the yard. As we approached the marsh that day the chorus of birds and frogs rang out. The pulse of the place was high! As we gazed over the water we realized there was another animal out and about in great numbers. Turtles. Everywhere. We counted at least twenty.

The place brought me such peace. It really did. It was just so alive.

But the turtles were so calm and still.

I was present enough in that moment to realize that I should look up the meaning and symbolism of turtles when I got home. Here is what the Universe was saying through them.

When turtles enter your life they symbolize patience. They warn not to rush forward or skip steps. Trust in the process. Stay in the moment and ground yourself with Earth energy. When there is a threat, seek shelter in your home.

So many turtles.

Most had there heads in their shells that day.

This is just one of many examples of the Universe sending me messages via animals. Loud and Clear. When I'm listening that is.

Are you listening?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments if you are!

Keep your head in your shell for a while longer people. We are in this together.

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