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Best Way to Beat a Pandemic...

The current pandemic has a huge potential to shift our collective energy. In fact it already has. And it will continue to shift and change as the weeks and months and (years?) go on. Question is where is the shift taking us? And do we have a choice?

Right now there is of course a big push toward panic. Lowering the vibrations and asking us to step into a state of emergency. We may be sucked into the belief that chaos is the only way. And somehow the only choice we have is to cope. The interesting thing here is that every moment of every day we have the ability to choose what energy signals we want to tune into.

We can choose to tap into love OR we can choose fear. Just because the world appears to be going crazy doesn't mean we need to follow suit.

It's not always going to be easy to read the current headlines and choose LOVE. I certainly cannot proclaim perfection when it comes to living within a higher frequency 100% of the time. I'm human. However, being AWARE and acknowledging that you do have the choice to step off the grid is a powerful and empowering place to start!

How do you step away from the sink hole of this pandemic? Every day I question the decisions being made by politicians. I reimagine the post-pandemic world for my children and am afraid of what my mind's eye sees. So how do I honestly expect to "shift my frequency" when there is so much pulling me down? Is it just a cute saying, a pipe dream if you will?

Nope. I want to share something amazing with you. I mean truly amazing. This is where some of you may jump off the train. When I start using woo-woo words, right? But if you are willing to take the ride with me read on...

So, there is this thing called HEART ENERGY. It's not the cliche little hallmark card kind of heart. It's our beating flesh and blood. It's the scientifically proven energy that radiates from your heart out into the world around you. Yes, I just said that, you are sending out measurable energy waves as we speak. And it gets better....

This energy (that they can measure with an electrocardiogram), is coded! with signals we cannot yet read, and these signals change depending on whether you have positive or negative thoughts. What?! Yes, this is for real.

More powerful yet is the fact that the energy that radiates out of you (your aura perhaps?) can actually affect the heart energy of those nearby. Again, measured by EKGs! And when your heart energy is strong your entire mind /body is stronger because of it.

So if you ever doubted whether or not your energy could influence others - yes - yes it can.

IMAGINE the ripple effect this shared heart energy could have? But how do we get into that place where we are passing along the good stuff and not the panic and dread that is currently spreading as fast as any virus right now?

This is where individual intention comes in. Little baby steps my friends can lead to great change. The first step towards strengthening your heart centre and ultimately strengthening the light bond around the globe, is to take care. This may seem like such an insignificant thing at first glance - but it is SO powerful when practiced on a daily basis.


Get off the phone or tv or whatever screen you have in front of you all day. I am reading a book called "Digital Minimalism" right now that I will dive into in another post. But one thing I want to mention about it is that the author suggests that we can create a deeper "connection" with others via social media / news / etc. by scheduling our connection times in small amounts rather than being over-stimulated by them all day long. Quality or quantity if you will. And who doesn't need to ramp up the quality social connections right about now?

Meditate or do Yoga if you don't already. Ideally both. There are some amazing guided meditations out there. Mindful Movement Mediatations are my current go-to before bed. The Heart Chakra one being the most effective at the moment. And if you are into Yoga (or even if you are not but wish you were ) try some YIN. Slowing down and sitting with a long pose can do AMAZING things to effect change and create balance.

Be Present. This ties into the get off the screen statement. Be in the moment and you won't be stressed about all the stuff that is out of your control. Because guess what, it's really all out of our control all the time anyways. Right now it just feels more out of control. Focus on what you are doing right now. Don't always try to seek out joy per say, but sit with whatever feeling comes your way. Recognize it and let it wash over you. Move on to the next moment. Put this on repeat.

These simple simple steps can help you stay centered. Help you tap into LOVE and help you shift towards that aforementioned higher frequency that seemed so elusive at the start of this post. Taking care of you.- choosing LOVE - will physically and mentally affect other people around you! And studies are being done about the distance these vibrations can travel when the collective pulse is high.

Let's start with turning off the news and tuning into our hearts. We have more power than we think. - Jessica

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