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Welcome to Digital Handmade

Discussions on Incorporating Digital Tools Into Art Making From a More Poetic and Personal Standpoint.

As an Art Professor for ten years and a Professional Artist for around fifteen my build-up of exerpiences in digital fine art have put me into a place in life where I feel I have a unique opinion and take on the field and a lot to share. The first thing I'd like to share is my story....

In my twenties I travelled to and exhibited work in several interesting points on the map: Italy, Alaska, New Foundland, Arizona, California, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Chicago, New York City, just to name a few! I look back on my twenties and realize that despite the fact that I had no money I managed to get out there and have some really rich life experiences that have informed my artwork and me as a person in more ways than I will ever know. You can look back at those adventures on my previous blog, Artist Ramblings. I finally started to take root around twenty-seven, when I was asked to revamp a digital arts program and was hired on as a full-time professor in a small town back in my home state of Ohio.

I am currently in my thirties and while I am still actively pursuing the creative process I am learning and growing in a whole new way. I now have a husband and two wonderful little children that make me smile every day. After ten years as a Professor I just recently resigned in order to become

a Creative Entrepreneur full time in addition to of course being a mom full time as well.

Thank God for Grandmas and nap-times!

My creative project list is loooonnnng....but a couple of things rise to the top. I will always be an artist first and foremost, creating / exhibiting / selling work is an ongoing pursuit. My newest venture is a book I am working on that will be launching in the Fall of this year,

Spirit in the Machine:

Fueling an Authentic Digital Art Practice for Professional and Aspiring Artists and Art Professors

(More details on this in a post soon...)

The name of this blog, Digital Handmade, stems from my belief that Digital Artwork can be instrisically linked with the artist's hand. I also believe that it possible to become a Professional Artist in a field of infinite reproduction while still remaining authentic and true to oneself. I would like to use this blog as a platform for exploring this idea. It is not difficult to stay grounded within tradition while using the camera and computer as your tools but convincing others of this connection can be challenging.

I hope that you will accompany me on this new journey into the blogoshere on Digital Handmade...

*Image: Part of a Series from "Holding Patterns" - Jessica Wascak (Maloney)

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