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"Guidelines II"

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About the Print:

  • Finely textured high quality watercolor paper
  • Archival Inks
  • 9" x 9"
  • Hand trimmed deckled edge

Artist Statement:

Rivers as lines. Rivers as language. A language of lines encoded in the land. A constant but ever changing reminder. A mirror of our circumstances.

Reflecting on the upheaval of our world, specifically over the last two years of this pandemic, I've realized that rivers are the perfect metaphor for the shifting "guidelines" that have been the subtext to all of our lives.

There is an obvious beauty to the images, because I believe all is grounded in a larger plan, a beautiful connected story. But reading into each image the "Fading Light" and the "Twists and Turns" definitely hint at uncertainty and a bit of melancholy within the journey as well.

It is the path that each river takes that holds the real message. Oxbows are rivers that meander so far off course that there is no turning back. Sinking Rivers that start off strong but lose momentum as they flow downstream. Meandering Rivers react to stressors on the outer banks and as a result cut ever widening sinuous curves instead of a straight path from a to b.

So many metaphors to be had, my head is spinning. Look to the land, in any situation. The language is there to guide us along the way.

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