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About the Print:

  • Finely textured high quality watercolor paper
  • Archival Inks
  • 9" x 9" on matte board
  • Hand trimmed deckled edge

Artist Statement:
Vivid Blues and greens, pulsing organic forms, and pools of light and shadow. This work reflects both the familiar and the surreal. "Lucid Dreams" speaks to a instinctual primal energy found within the natural world. As we are at our core connected to these natural forms, one could say that this energy is also found within ourselves.

This work was created when new life was on the forefront of my mind, after my first child was born. The houses present in my work reference individual identities with a universal connection. The heartbeat of a newborn, the heartbeat of the earth, the rhythm within it all - is referenced within this series. And I think that when you touch that pulse, that magic, and truly feel the connection between all things, it is a bit like being awake yet dreaming. Lucid Dreams.

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