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"Memory Maps"


The land is full of memories.   They slip into every surface and lie in wait.  All it takes is one morning when the steam is rising from the water or a surprising glimpse of a yellow tinged sky to set off a chain reaction of emotional responses.  The series, “Memory Maps”, focuses on the ethereal landscape of water and sky and their association with personal past events.


The sky remains elusive even as we raise ourselves from the ground.  No matter how high up we go it is always out of our grasp.  The clouds slip through our fingers as they glide across the sky just as memories embody us yet as we try to pin them down they are nothing more than a mere feeling or distant thought that refuses to be captured.  All are but a mere backdrop for the present.


Water is a rich metaphor for psychological ponderings.  While the surface may reflect one thing, the vast depths buried beneath it hold more than is recognizable upon first glance.  Mapping out the sea is as impossible as mapping out our memories.  Accuracy is limited by the state of constant flux.  The movement within the sky, the water and our selves is hard to hold onto but the beauty seems to lie in part directly within that impossibility.  

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