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"Lucid Dreams"

Vivid Blues and greens, pulsing organic forms, and pools of light and shadow. This work reflects both the familiar and the surreal. "Lucid Dreams" speaks to a instinctual primal energy found within the natural world.  As we are at our core connected to these natural forms, one could say that this energy is also found within ourselves.

The houses present in my work reference individual identities with a universal connection.  In “Psyche’s Key”, the mystery of this energy is being discovered ~ perhaps through the journey of self-realization.  In “Little Fire”, pennies from a wishing well dance like flames or fireflies in the night sky, referencing the magic present in our own subconscious minds..  When one is experiencing a lucid dream they are aware that they are dreaming.  To follow the heartbeat of the universe we first need to hear our own.


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