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I suppose if I had to label myself, I would consider my work digital art, however at times my image making continues off screen through various digital / mixed media hybrid techniques.  I view the computer as a vehicle through which I can explore spiritual, psychological, and other ethereal types of content and imagery.   What is is digital art anyways?  So many things. Whether it be via teaching or through my personal artistic practice, I have always felt passionate about breaking down boundaries in art - fluidity between mediums being my preferred way of addressing image making.  I like to think of my work and the work of any authentic artist as an active process of releasing my genuine spirit out into the world through my work.  And with digital art and photography as my mediums of choice, figuring out how to put the spirit into the machine.


Growing up in the midwest, Cleveland, Ohio specifically, I have always felt grounded in a strong work ethic and an appreciation for family.  I didn't grow up with artistic role models per say but I've always been very fortunate in that I have very loving and supportive parents who always wanted their children to follow their dreams, something I wish to pass onto in my own children.   In 2000 I received a BFA in Photography and minor in Digital Art from Bowling Green State University, following that up with a Masters in Digital Art from BGSU in 2003.  I was able to travel to Italy during this time to study and practice sequence photography, something that influenced my art greatly in the years to come.  Tucson, AZ was the place I called home for the next two years.  Something about that haunting landscape really drew me in, reflected in my "Spirit Fields" series. However, knowing that I wanted to try my hand at teaching as well I eventually moved back to the midwest in 2005 to revamp the Digital Arts program at Ashland University in Ashland, OH.  In 2009 I was granted a Santa Fe Art Institute Fellowship and was an artist in residency at SFAI for two months - a wonderful experience that brought me back to the Southwest and allowed me to become fully engaged in my work and day to day experiences, resulting in returning to my photographic roots for a bit while developing the series, "Holding Pattern".  


I am currently very excited about transitioning into practicing art and photography full-time.  In 2014 I launched my photography business, "Jessica Ann Photography" and am working on quite a few creative side projects as well.  My artwork continues to be included in numerous  private and public collections within the Midwest including, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Metro Housing Association, and Southwest General, amongst others.  Additionally, my exhibition record has the following highlights: WomanMade Gallery (2013,Chicago, IL) Rayko Photo Center ( 2013,San Francisco, CA), Center for Fine Art Photography (2012,Fort Collins, CO), University Gallery (2009, Thailand), Santa Fe Art Institute (2008,Santa Fe, NM), F.U.E.L. Gallery (2007, Philadelphia, PA), Siggraph: Global Eyes (2007-2009, Asia, Africa, Europe, U.S.A). Selected publications: “Digital Art Revolution: Creating Fine Art in Photoshop”(2009) and online at Art Digital Online Magazine in an article titled, “Digital Permutations”(2010).




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